Our history

After 20 years of missionary work in the Central African Republic, Bill and Lois Carmichael arrived in Currie in 1975 to start a church under the aegis of Evangelical Baptist Missions, Indiana, USA. Services were first held in various peoples homes, and as the work started to grow, Currie Youth Club building was used on a Sunday.This became a real hive of activity as young and old met together to learn more about Gods love for all. Bill Carmichael was an outstanding bible teacher, and as the congregation grew, it became clear that church premises would be required.After much praying and sacrificial giving by the congregation, Currie Baptist Church opened in March 1979.

One of the features of the church which visitors commented on was the warmth of the fellowship.With the close proximity of Heriot Watt University, a very successful student work was begun and both home based and overseas students were enriched by the fellowship with the church. It soon became apparent that more rooms would be required for the work with young people and children in the congregation.


Fortunately, Lothian region were disposing of surplus classroom units at this time, and the church was able to purchase and erect 2 units in 1983, which had been previously in use at Ratho Primary School. This work was completed in August 1984 with the help of members of the congregation. It was truly a church built by the people of Currie for the people of CurrieSince then Bill and his wife moved on to plant other churches and Currie Baptist became an independent fellowship in 1988.


David Anderson was appointed as Pastor in 1989 and lead the church for the next 10 years, after which he moved on to take the post of Youth pastor at Carrubers Christian Centre in Edinburgh. David Broderick was appointed as Pastor in 2003. 


Since 2012, the fellowship has continued without a formal post of Pastor, as each of us learn to serve one another, as gifted by the Holy Spirit.