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Our history

Under the aegis of Evangelical Baptist Missions, Indiana, USA, Calvary Baptist church, Currie was planted by Bill and Lois Carmichael in 1975. The number of believers steadily grew and in 1979, a new Marley built Currie Baptist church was opened at 16, Kirkgate, Currie. Shortly after this, leadership was passed to David and Annette Haig, and the fellowship continued to grow numerically until it became an independent Scottish church in 1988, when Mr David Anderson was appointed as Pastor He led the church for the next 10 years, after which he moved on to take the post of Youth pastor at Carrubers Christian Centre in Edinburgh. For a short period the church functioned without an appointed pastor, until Mr David Broderick was appointed as Pastor in 2003.

Since David left in 2012, the fellowship has continued without a paid post of Pastor, as each of us learn to serve one another, as gifted by the Holy Spirit. 

In recent years, we have been blessed by having many folks from other countries join us, and we believe it is God's will for us to have a continuing and deepening ministry with and to brothers and sisters born outwith the UK, as well as local residents. 

This demonstrates that we are 'all one in Christ', and our lives are truly all about Jesus.

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